According to the dictionary, a runner is: “A person who runs, especially in a specified way.” I contend that this definition is a fallacy, lackluster in nature. While it is true that a runner is a person who runs, runners are usually assigned a particular persona with particular attributes. You can probably imagine what a … Continue Reading

Driving in traffic can be seen as a curse: The worst thing on the planet, a cacophony of sound, a jumble of lights and painted metal. Driving in traffic can be seen as a gift: A moment to pause, to get lost in your music, to take a deep breath, to formulate a plan. How … Continue Reading

One: Easy to run. Two: Not hard to do. Three: It ain’t scary. Four: Bring on some more. Five: Psyche takes a dive. Six: Feet hurt in kicks. Seven: Hell or Heaven? Eight: Keep your head straight. Nine: Worry about your time. Ten: A new perspective, again. – R

If you’re feeling down, torn apart by confusion. Breathe in and exhale, it’s all an illusion. Take heed and remember this one simple line: You are amazing, now go out there and shine. – R

No matter who’s there. No matter what cost. Always speak your truth. Or all else is lost. – R

Center of CafĂ©. Surrounded, yet only us. Great way to reset. – R

I tried perfection. I can’t attain perfection. I didn’t do it. – R

“Better Half” I should start by saying, this title’s misnamed. For a half without its other, is nothing but plain. If it weren’t for you, I’d be stagnant, not a dream in the sky. But because I met you, I’ve learned how to fly. You’ve told me you love me, I see it growing each … Continue Reading

To infinity, and beyond! Today, we honor one of our favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This ride plays like an arcade game (an arcade game that has Omnimover 360-degree whirling seats and laser pointers, to boot). The hilarious jokes, interactive environment of the ride, and the always over-the-top Buzz … Continue Reading

If you are a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Member you may know all about the advantages, but maybe you don’t know about the exclusive lounge in Epcot! This lounge is for DVC members only and is located inside the Imagination Pavilion! When you first walk into the Imagination Pavilion Gift Shop there is a podium … Continue Reading