The Magic Kingdom in Disney World attracts over 50,000 people everyday. With an attendance record like this, one of the first things that pops into our minds is “where can we wash our hands”? With so many interactive rides and attractions, the transmission of germs is at a high likelihood. Not to say that we should be “germ-a-phobes”, but perhaps, conscientious of our surroundings. An effective, natural remedy for this cleanliness problem is hand sanitizer by EO. EO hand sanitizers are 99.9% effective against the common germ, and they also contain essential oil so they also help keep your hands super soft! Using the hand sanitizers in public places can leave your hands feeling damaged and dry, with the many options EO has to offer, there is no competition. The two options we have tried are the EO hand sanitizer spray in Lavender and peppermint, and also the EO hand sanitizer wipes in Lavender. We found the hand sanitizer sprays great for work, to keep in our pockets on the go. Lavender has a calming aroma and the peppermint has an energizing scent! As far as the EO hand sanitizer wipes, these are the best for travel. With so many restrictions changing on a day to day basis for travel, you cannot go wrong with the wipes. They come in individual packages, about 24 in a pack. You can pack the whole pack with you on any trip, and take an individual package as needed. These wipes are also extremely useful during other activities, such as hiking or picnics. The best part about these hand sanitizers is that they contain essential oils, not only do they make your hands soft but these oils can be repurposed as well. These hand sanitizers are not meant to be sniffed, but you can catch a faint aroma while wiping your hands, which is just enough!

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