teaWhen we’re not feeling so hot or we just simply had a bad day, there’s one thing that sure will give us a little boost to fix that gloomy feeling! We’ve had this tea many times at restaurant’s and coffee shops up and down the East Coast throughout our travels, and had many different variations, with many different names, but today we’ll share with you our little version of a quick fix tea!

This tea is packed with nutritious ingredients that will give your immune system a boost.

First the base of our tea is Earl Grey, we especially like the one by Mighty Leaf! The pouch is neatly tied up with a loose string that holds the pouch of loose leaf tea securely. Earl Grey has a bite of a bland taste, with a subtle kick of citrus (that’s what it tastes like to us!) We find it makes a great base for all the spices you’re about to add. In addition, earl grey is a great tea for relaxation to let your anxiety and worries float away. teaa.jpg

Next a spoonful of honey, Bee Flower & Sun Honey Co. produces delicious and non-pasteurized honey. This is why the honey in our giant jar looks cloudy, it isn’t like the clear ones you see in the store, it holds onto all the raw, and healthy properties of honey so you will gain the benefits of having this natural source! Honey has been used for sore throats and colds, and in the past for topical use of wounds/burns. Many medical facilities still use honey as a topical treatment, and it has many uses in the home! Throwing a small spoonful of honey into your drink can help boost your immune system!

honey.jpgA splash of apple cider vinegar enhances the healing properties of all the ingredients in this tea. Many research studies have studied the benefits of apple cider vinegar as a healing agent because of the fermentation process to create this vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can help keep the good bacteria in your system, and kick the bad bacteria out!apple cider.jpg

Cinnamon and cayenne work synergistically to give your immune system an energy boost, also the aroma may wake you up a bit!cinnamon and cay.jpg

In addition, you can add lemon and ginger too!

This quick fix tea may taste bitter, but it truly cleanses and heals anything you may be fighting, like we said before a bad day or not feeling so hot! The best part is drinking this tea out of a funny mug 🙂


Have you tried any cleansing or healing teas? What do you do when you’re not having a great day? What do you do when you don’t feel great?

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-R & S


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