I know I’m guilty of complaining just as much if not more than the rest of us on rainy days: “it’s so crummy outside, I wish the rain would just go away, I can’t stand the horrible weather!” The next time you hear yourself complaining about the weather, I invite you to participate in an exercise of the mind. The exercise is simple, turn the negative thought into a positive one; actively train yourself aloud to reverse your train of thought. It will work wonders on your “stinky day.” You may find yourself lightening up, or opening up a bit more than usual, you may feel some of your countless worries begin to melt away. Truth is, we should all bless the rain…our bodies are made mostly of the stuff, without it, we’d all shrivel up pretty quickly. I invite everyone on this rainy day to say along with me: “I bless the rain and all of the gifts it gives to me.” “Thank you, rain for nourishing me, the Earth, and all of its inhabitants. Again, thank you.” Let me know how you feel after saying those things with all of your heart and passion behind it. I guarantee you won’t feel “crummy” anymore. Enjoy your lovely rainy day!


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