One of Cape May’s hidden secrets: Beach Plum Farm. Owned by the Cape Resorts Group, Beach Plum Farm is a hidden gem close to Cape May Point. To get to the farm you travel down a small dirt road, on your right there is a small walking trail and if you continue forward it will … Continue Reading

Is it possible for there to be a healthy snack bar that tastes like your favorite desserts? The answer is yes. Have you ever heard of Larabars? The first time I heard of Larabars was in high school. I was watching my favorite episode of Unwrapped! And Mark Summers was showing the world how Larabars … Continue Reading

When Sunday rolls around, we know it’s time to get fresh groceries and start cooking! Usually, we stop by a local farmers market on the weekend, and also go to the grocery store for essentials. If we are not working, we start meal prepping for the week in the late afternoon, this way we can … Continue Reading

When we go hiking or running on a dewy morning the first bug spray we reach for is Badger Anti-Bug Spray! The spray is a pretty neat concept: it uses pure essential oils to repel bugs (this includes pesky mosquitoes!) The oils it uses are: Soybean, castor, citronella, cedar, rosemary, geranium, peppermint and wintergreen. These … Continue Reading

Since I started running, I have always had one favorite product that has never failed me: Body Glide. Body Glide is an anti-chafing and blister prevention balm, that is loaded with vitamins and is paraben free. The product is way less messy than petroleum, and goes on easy. I am always worried about the thunder … Continue Reading

There is nothing we love more than eating a farm fresh breakfast together under the sun at the Blue Pig Tavern! The Blue Pig Tavern is a restaurant that is part of Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. Their food is locally sourced from their own Beach Plum Farm, that is right down the road! … Continue Reading

R & I love to hike. We got to know one another hiking, were hiking when we got engaged and still hike every chance we get. We are always exploring new mountains and new places in nature to explore. So, it should not come as a surprise that we managed to find a trail on … Continue Reading

Whenever we are traveling, hiking, working long hours or after a run, we always have an Orgain on hand to fortify our hunger and nourish ourselves. Orgain is literally the best protein shake ever. It is good for you: organic, all natural, packed with vitamins and minerals. Here is the real kicker, it actually tastes … Continue Reading

As R and I prepare to run a marathon we both look back at how far we’ve come and prepare to run forward! In an earlier post I wrote about how far we had come before I ran my 4th marathon in May in Vermont, but R has yet to run a single marathon! Before … Continue Reading