Whenever we are traveling, hiking, working long hours or after a run, we always have an Orgain on hand to fortify our hunger and nourish ourselves. Orgain is literally the best protein shake ever. It is good for you: organic, all natural, packed with vitamins and minerals. Here is the real kicker, it actually tastes good!!! When was the last time you had a protein shake that tasted good? Believe us when we say we have tried them all. Working the long hours we do, it’s so easy to drink a shake like Orgain and not even feel bad after. Orgain is even formulated by a doctor and is good for all different reasons: help for weight loss, supplementing your diet, meal replacement, and much, much more! It also comes in a vegan version as well—and to be honest both versions (dairy and vegan) are both great! My favorite flavor is the chocolate and R’s favorite version is vanilla.

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*One other really cool note is that they sell these in Disney World too! In the market place’s in most resorts and even in grab-and-go’s in the park they sell them! Anyway, next time you go to the grocery store or even Disney World– definitely consider buying yourself an Orgain and see for yourself!

-R & S

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