R & I love to hike. We got to know one another hiking, were hiking when we got engaged and still hike every chance we get. We are always exploring new mountains and new places in nature to explore. So, it should not come as a surprise that we managed to find a trail on our trip to Cape May!

The trail is in the same parking lot as the one for the Cape May Lighthouse. When you turn into the parking lot, drive all the way to your left and there will be a little path that is marked as the trail! There are 3 choices on the path: red, yellow and blue tail. The red path is short at 0.5 mile, yellow trail is 1.5 miles and blue trail is 2.0 miles. The are all flat trails and walk on dirt, sand and over the marsh on short boardwalks. All trails are clearly marked and if you take the yellow and blue trails you will see various look-outs for bird watching. At the end of the blue trail it is actually closed off, because they are preserving the land for endangered birds at this time. However, there is an alternative path that will lead you onto the beach, past the World War II Bunker and back to the lighthouse.


We really enjoyed the trail and managed to see a variety of animals including: turkeys, red-winged black birds, seagulls, turtles, frogs, swans, osprey, and blue heron (just to name a few).

We highly recommend this trail, it’s easy for beginners and fun for everyone to enjoy the scenery!


Fun tips:
1) Pack a light lunch too in your backpack and you can eat after the hike at the picnic tables by the light house.
2) Pack plenty of sunscreen this is a great opportunity to get sunburn. (We like Hang Ten Sunscreen, it’s free of parabens and harsh chemicals. It comes in a lotion or easy spray version)
3) Pack bug spray as well, lots of critters live in the marsh land and woodsy area! (We use Honest or Badger bug spray, they use natural essential oils to repel bugs and no harsh chemicals)

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