When Sunday rolls around, we know it’s time to get fresh groceries and start cooking! Usually, we stop by a local farmers market on the weekend, and also go to the grocery store for essentials. If we are not working, we start meal prepping for the week in the late afternoon, this way we can also cook dinner at the same time. We find it best to use glass Pyrex to store our food; they are easy to heat up, they are structured so they don’t get squished in your lunch box or spill, and they don’t contain plastics or other chemicals that may leach into your food. Additionally, we love to cook, bake and store in LeCreuset, these items may cost a pretty penny, but they last a lifetime and are very durable (they also come in many colors!). In a batch we may make things like: rice/quinoa mix, vegetables (broccoli, corn, mushrooms, kale), salads and chicken. We then mix and match them throughout the week. It best to store the dishes individually, if you store them together they may get soggy or alter the taste. We’d love to hear your tips for meal prepping.

What day is your favorite to meal prep?

Any meal prep tips you’d like to share?

-R & S

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