Is it possible for there to be a healthy snack bar that tastes like your favorite desserts? The answer is yes. Have you ever heard of Larabars? The first time I heard of Larabars was in high school. I was watching my favorite episode of Unwrapped! And Mark Summers was showing the world how Larabars are made! Larabars are made of dates, that is the base of the bar and then the rest is history. The goal is for the ingredients list to be under 8 ingredients, and they always are.

They come in so many flavors, to name a few: Chocolate chip cookie dough, apple pie, blueberry pie, mint chip, peanut butter chip, chocolate chip brownie and cherry tart. They all really do taste like the actual dessert and are even better for you because it is even non-gmo! Meaning none of the ingredients are not genetically modified. Larabars have been a staple in my lunch box since high school and have now made their way into R’s lunch box too! Larabars are great for travel, they never melt, and they are so small and light. We hvae taken them hiking, to Disney, in our lunch boxes and to the beach! Next time your in your grocery store or even CVS check out the snack aisle and pick up a few flavors to try!

Have you ever had a Larabar?

What is your favorite flavor?

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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