One of Cape May’s hidden secrets: Beach Plum Farm. Owned by the Cape Resorts Group, Beach Plum Farm is a hidden gem close to Cape May Point. To get to the farm you travel down a small dirt road, on your right there is a small walking trail and if you continue forward it will bring you around to the parking lot. Upon entering the parking lot you will notice a fence enclosed area of chickens, that may or may not have the gate shut! The chickens love to roam around and are friendly towards people. If you have children, or are a child at heart like us, you can actually feed the chickens. They have a small quarter machine (it looks like a gumball machine) that you can get chicken feed out of and feed them from the cups provided or out of your hands.

There are also a variety of areas to sit down and eat their own farm fresh food, that you can get from inside the barn. Once you walk towards the barn you will notice a beautifully organized array of all natural herbs, that line the path to the barn. Inside the barn they sell their own fruits, vegetables, products and even their own food to eat there! In the back of the barn and out further is their farm.

This is such a fun place to visit for a day trip or just to grab a bite. We highly recommend visiting Beach Plum Farm.

Fun tip: If you can’t visit, check out their website, it will supply you with a list of all the eateries that use their produce!



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