If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, you know that there is no shortage of scenic views and beautiful landscapes which gives the vibe that you have entered a portal to the Pacific Northwest. The Wilderness Lodge features history of Native Americans and National Parks such as Yellowstone. The floors in the Wilderness Lodge are made of pine wood that was actually imported from Oregon. If you want to explore more information, the Wilderness Lodge offers tours to guests!

Aside from the breathtaking views and fine art details of the lodge, they also offer fine dining. On our last trip to Disney, we enjoyed our time at our favorite restaurant: Artist Point. Artist Point focuses on fresh and local ingredients and is based on culinary arts of the Pacific Northwest. The different dining rooms are themed, just as the resort is, based primarily on the U.S. national parks of the west.

When go to a sit-down fine dining restaurant in WDW, we like to share our meals: splitting an appetizer and an entree that we both agree on allows us to save money, and, as an added bonus, we finish our meals feeling refreshed and not over-stuffed! At Artist Point, our fine dining formula is quite effective. The portions the Artist Point provides are quite generous (and for the price, they should be). The bread they provide is a whole grain bread, that literally melts in your mouth. For an appetizer we had a salad with many crisp and fresh vegetables. Our entree was wild caught scallops over vegetables and grains as well. Every time we visit Artist Point we have the same waiter, Sean. He is an excellent server and he is very knowledgeable too; Sean is a true champion of the Disney spirit and embodies the ethos that makes visiting Walt Disney World so special. We highly recommend requesting him at your next dining experience in Artist Point!

Bon Appettit!


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