This is our second Spaceship Earth Sunday and in honor of keeping the tradition alive we will name some basic history about the giant structure. Spaceship Earth became the main focal point of Epcot in 1982. It is considered a “geodesic sphere”, this means it is a triangulation of a polyhedron to look like a sphere. There are 11,520 isosceles triangles, that form 3840 points on Spaceship Earth! However, not all of the triangles are full, because of support structures or additional doors. The sphere is supported by three pairs of legs. Although, Spaceship Earth is meant to look like one solid structure it is in fact, two! It is created by two structural domes. This structural dome is really one of its kind, it was even created so that when it rains no water will drip off the sides. All of the water is collected in one inch gaps into a gutter system… and that water is drained to the World Showcase Lagoon! Talk about coming full circle…



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