When you are training, staying active, or just running long miles, nutrition is always the number one key to success. Nutrition is always the top priority for the two of us and has been the staple of our successful marathon training this year. When we traveled to Disney we made sure we had access to healthy and portable foods because we knew we were doing a long-run of 15 miles while in Disney. We use a grocery delivery service called “Instacart” and they are able to shop for you at the local grocery store of your choice. We made sure to order our favorites, that are nutritious and delicious.

Bananas: Bananas have many essential nutrients that are depleted while running and doing strenuous activities. They are rich in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B6 and energy in the form of glycogen.

Orgain: Orgain is something we always have on hand at home and they actually sell this protein shake in Disney World! It is an Organic protein shake that TASTES GOOD! That is very hard to find. It is doctor formulated and full of vitamins and minerals. We have a previous post all about Orgain that you can access by clicking HERE.

Peanut Butter, Jelly & 12 Grain Bread: Peanut butter is full of fat, protein and fiber. The bread is filled with fiber and healthy nuts. The organic jelly filled with sugars from fruits, gives a boost of energy when running or actually running around the park. We had this combo for after runs but, we would make PB&J’s before hitting the parks or take them with us for lunch (it also is a great way to save money instead of eating at the park all the time)

Snack bars: Larabars & Macrobars are our choices. They are simple all natural, snack bars, that can fill you up with healthy ingredients. (Previous post on Larabars click HERE)

Honey Stingers: This is what we always carry with us on long runs. Honey Stingers are great, sometimes the gels can be a little tough on our stomachs so we like the classic Honey Stingers gummies because you can control your intake visibly. They are little chewy tabs, that have a natural & sustainable source of energy. Click HERE for a post on Honey Stingers.

Overall these are our top picks for running around the parks and staying active on vacation. While on vacation you don’t have to always eat out or make poor choices, you can still be healthy and have fun too! 🙂



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