Alright, so if you are visiting Disney during busy times, i.e. the holidays, planning is a must do. Not saying that you have to stick to a tight schedule, but if you value your personal space going against the crowd is your best bet. When we visited during the Disney Christmas season we made sure we payed attention to what special events were going on in the parks, and stayed a way during those times! It may seem like the total opposite point of visiting, but here is the big secret: it is not! You are absolutely able to enjoy all the festive decorations and extra holiday magic around the park even when avoiding the busy times.

Keys to the Kingdom: Go to Magic Kingdom within first 2 hours of opening or last 2 hours before closing if you are staying on property take advantage of Extra Magic Hours (EMH) these are the hours that parks let guests staying on resort property have the parks all to themselves! It is always noted in Disney’s weekly schedule which parks will have these hours. The parks end up being tremendously less crowded & breathable.

Animal Kingdom: Go during lunch time between 11 and 2. Dino land never has waits so don’t waste your fast passes there.

Hollywood Studios: go 2 hours before closing. It is currently being overhauled, and is a chaotic place to be! Make sure you have a game plan going into the park.

Epcot: Epcot is fine anytime based on the vast space of the land, but just know wait times are bad around dinner because World Showcase gets quite crowded at night. Also, Epcot is going under some renovations too, so it’s top rides are the ones that get backed up. Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Soarin’, those are all going to be the ones you wait for, so spend your fast passes there.

So what to do about dining reservations? We’ll update you in a future post… it is totally possible to do these things last minute 😎 & we can prove it! Stay tuned…


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