This post is a tribute to one of our VIP “adventure buddies”…we are speaking about none other than our little pink friend which carries our vital supplies. ‘S’ has a North Face backpack from High School which has been with us to the highest of peaks which we’ve climbed. Our travel companion has also taken many trips through the magical streets, rivers, and silly spooks of WDW. ‘S’ was even wearing it when ‘R’ popped the question; appropriately, the backpack made it into our wedding cake topper (see picture below). Below, we have listed 5 reasons why you should get a North Face Backpack for your next adventure!

  1. Organization: The inside of this backpack is the equivalent to a filing cabinet. It has a compartment for everything. Laptop sleeve in the big compartment, small places for wallet, keys and other items in the middle compartment and on the outside water bottle holders.
  2. Safety: In case you are going on an adventure with this backpack and are in immediate danger, the waist strap/buckle has an “avalanche whistle”, an avalanche whistle is a whistle one would blow if they had succumbed to an avalanche– however, if you are hitting up a dark parking lot or like I said in danger this whistle also comes in handy!
  3. Color: Did I mention these backpacks LITERALLY come in ever color– you name it, they have it!
  4. Practical: North Face Backpacks are so easy to clean, you literally wipe them down and it’s clean. Or you can toss it into the wash.
  5. Space: This has to be my absolute favorite. North Face Backpacks hold quite a bit. We were able to pack it with clothing, camera, toiletries all for a carry on for a 5 day trip! Keep in mind they come in different sizes but, even my small North Face Backpack has never let us down!



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