When traveling the parks, especially 4 parks in 1 day, it is vital to be comfortable! If you are traveling to Disney World in the winter-time, you may know that the weather can be quite unpredictable, making it hard to figure out what to wear. The best thing you can do is layer up your basics! For my outfit choice I wore a light v-neck tee (breathable fabric in case the temp. drastically increased), leggings and a pair of comfortable New Balance Sneakers. This outfit was a great success, wearing it from dawn to dusk and walking over 12 miles. The temperature in December in Disney can start in the mornings around 35-55 degrees F, and rise to over 70 degrees F, making it quite the unpredictable month! Like I said, it is your best bet to layer it up, (and then remove layers as it heats up–bring a backpack) all items are linked below 🙂

1) Top 2) Sports Bra 3) Leggings 4) Sneakers 5) Best Socks Ever 6) Sunglasses

Adventure Freely!


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