Morning temps up north are starting to dip lower than the 20s so, what better time to review our favorite cold weather running essentials?

When you hit the road in the morning or late at night the breaking wind can be brutal don’t leave home without your:

  1. Polartec Power Neck Gaiter— A quick dry neck gaiter is perfect for running because even while you are freezing– you are still sweating! Quick-dry Polartec keeps you warm and dry.

2. Quick Dry Polartec Gloves– Again with the Polartec, but seriously these gloves are awesome. They are light-weight, keep your hands warm and you can use them on your touch screen device if you need to switch up your music or answer a call! (These gloves come in women’s and men’s) Also, Kohl’s has a special brand TekGear, that is a mock of all athletic brands and they make very similar gloves, if you have any Kohl’s cash handy!!

3. Quick Dry Ear Warmer– Always keep your ears warm– they are the first to freeze and the last to heat up. Bonus- if you have a lot of hair and don’t feel like wearing a cap or hat this head band will keep your lions mane tame. North Face makes a great ear warmer– also Dick’s or Modell’s sells ear warmers with your favorite team names! (LIKE THE YANKEES!)

4. Balega Running Socks— What is worse than cold ears? COLD FEET! Don’t let your feet get wet from rain or snow in this freezing weather. Balega socks are AMAZING! They are great for summer or winter! They have all different kinds– our favorite part about them is the little extra cushion they have at your heels so that you don’t tear them up with a new pair or sneakers or long run!

5. Lululemon Leggings– FOR LADIES- While this brand may be pricey– it is worth the extra charge. These leggings come in all different sizes and many different styles dependent on use/season.

6. Warm Jacket– Last, but not least, a warm coat! Depending on the weather you may use a different jacket, but one brand we find very reliable for outerwear is Patagonia. (Men & Women)


What is your favorite gear for a run in cold weather? Comment below!


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