One complaint we often hear from our non-Disney-loving peers is that you MUST book everything 100 years in advance if you want to get things done at WDW. We are here to debunk that myth: on an impromptu, 1 day adventure to WDW, we were able to tackle 15 rides in 1 day, make it to all 4 WDW parks, and, to boot, we planned all of this the day before we flew to WDW! To kick off our series on spontaneous trips to WDW, we’d like to tell you how to get on 5 rides before 1030 am in Magic Kingdom. The ‘key to the kingdom’ for this method was get to the park AT OPENING. You don’t necessarily need to be the first one to step foot in the kingdom, however, you really have to be there within 15 minutes of opening. We arrived at the Magic Kingdom at 8am and made a B-Line for Big Thunder Mountain.

Our theory behind this is the structure of the park. First off, people are most likely to stop and meet Mickey in TownSquare or browse the shops on Main Street, getting distracted before hitting the main attractions. Additionally, once people get to the Castle, it is out of nature that people stay to the right and go counter-clockwise by hitting up Tomorrowland first. We broke the mold and went to the left and to the back of the park, where most people hadn’t yet begun to explore.

We literally walked on, to Big Thunder. There was no wait. Next we walked an empty path to Haunted Mansion.

Walked a non crowded trail to Peter Pan (which is unheard of to get on without Fast Pass), walked right on. After Peter Pan we rode Space Mountain, People Mover and Pirates.


These rides had literally no wait, mainly just walking the que line and we were able to get out of the park and make our way to Animal Kingdom approximately at 1030.

An important thing that aided in our success was packing snacks and having a wholesome breakfast. If you check out our other blog posts we can show you how it is possible to have a healthy breakfast in Disney World and what kind of snacks to pack to stay healthy & well nourished for your adventures! Keep posted, we will show you how spontaneity is possible in Disney World!


Adventure Freely,


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