If you are a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Member you may know all about the advantages, but maybe you don’t know about the exclusive lounge in Epcot! This lounge is for DVC members only and is located inside the Imagination Pavilion! When you first walk into the Imagination Pavilion Gift Shop there is a podium where a DVC Representative will be. You then sign in by your DVC membership card & government issued photo ID. Then you are able to walk up the stairs to the lounge! This lounge area is where the Rainbow Tunnel of ImageWorks was once located; the Rainbow Tunnel is now closed off by walls. There are some pretty funny videos on YouTube of people sneaking around to try to find this long-abandoned tunnel (example here). The Lounge that now exists in this space has great amenities; it is open from 10am to 6pm. They have beverages such as soda, coffee and tea. There are comfortable couches and chairs, i-pads and TVs. There is a nice view of Future World, and it is a quiet place to rest after walking many miles. This really came in handy when we did our 4 parks in 1 day challenge (More on that to come). Also, when you are walking all day or have a gap in between rides/reservations sometimes you may not have time to go all the way back to your resort or hotel, but can just pop in to rest from the Florida heat…or cold! Additionally, this lounge is nostalgic to us of when The Imagination Pavilion was bustling, but now it is a quiet and clean place to rest. If you are DVC member we highly recommend you checking it out 🙂 Enjoy!



Adventure Freely,

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