This post is a tribute to one of our VIP “adventure buddies”…we are speaking about none other than our little pink friend which carries our vital supplies. ‘S’ has a North Face backpack from High School which has been with us to the highest of peaks which we’ve climbed. Our travel companion has also taken … Continue Reading

If you’ve ever traveled or hiked out in the Pacific Northwest Disney’s Wilderness Lodge may look familiar to you. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was inspired by parks such as Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, it also has Native American themes as well. It is located right off of Bay Lake outside of the Magic Kingdom. The … Continue Reading

Now is the perfect time to hop in the car and head out to woods to get some amazing views of the fall foliage! This doesn’t mean you have to trek all the way up I-95 for hours to get lost in nature, the closest hiking trails could be minutes from your home! Today, we … Continue Reading

After a long run, or even a short run, our playlist is always filled with jams to cool it down, while stretching. Here are our Top 8 Cool-Down songs that have been playing on repeat! I Felt It Too– Taking Back Sunday This is not your early 2000s Taking Back Sunday, but we’re okay with … Continue Reading

Whenever R and I go running, the first thing we put on is sunscreen. It is so important to lather up in a good sunscreen before a run. You never know how long you will be out for and the sun is always peaking through the clouds, whether you can see it or not. There … Continue Reading

How many pairs of Balega socks is too many pairs of socks? The answer is none! You can never have too many pairs of Balega socks! These are our favorite socks, and they last a lifetime. I got my first pair in 2010, and they’re still in my drawer running races with me to this … Continue Reading

When we go hiking or running on a dewy morning the first bug spray we reach for is Badger Anti-Bug Spray! The spray is a pretty neat concept: it uses pure essential oils to repel bugs (this includes pesky mosquitoes!) The oils it uses are: Soybean, castor, citronella, cedar, rosemary, geranium, peppermint and wintergreen. These … Continue Reading

Whenever we are traveling, hiking, working long hours or after a run, we always have an Orgain on hand to fortify our hunger and nourish ourselves. Orgain is literally the best protein shake ever. It is good for you: organic, all natural, packed with vitamins and minerals. Here is the real kicker, it actually tastes … Continue Reading

                       Close your eyes.   Picture your favorite place.      Smell & breathe in the air.                        Hear the sounds.               Now look next to you,                              who is there? Is being in our favorite place really about where we are,            … Continue Reading

I know I’m guilty of complaining just as much if not more than the rest of us on rainy days: “it’s so crummy outside, I wish the rain would just go away, I can’t stand the horrible weather!” The next time you hear yourself complaining about the weather, I invite you to participate in an … Continue Reading