During our adventure to Burlington for the Vermont City Marathon, we needed a quick pit stop for bathroom, coffee and to satiate our appetites. After researching breakfast spots in Vermont we chose the South Street Bakery & Café in Bennington. Bennington is a cute town, that gives you that old-timey feel of Main Street USA, … Continue Reading

If you’re a princess like I am… I meant to say: if you’re a Disney Princess fan or you’re the maid of honor to a Disney Princess fan, there is no question about the the theme of your bridal shower. Whether it’s your shower or you’re showering someone else, there are a few basic steps … Continue Reading

The experiences that face us day to day are much like those experiences that a runner faces when carving her path through the marathon race. There are times when we feel unstoppable, these are times of great innovation, breakthrough, a warming of heart, a spiritually uplifting moment where it isn’t only your legs carrying you … Continue Reading

As I prepare for 26.2 miles this weekend, my suitcase is empty, but my mind is full and I reflect on months past of stretches, sprints and great sweat sessions. Although I am running this marathon solo, ‘R’ and I have put in many months of hard work to prepare for this day. Our training … Continue Reading

                       Close your eyes.   Picture your favorite place.      Smell & breathe in the air.                        Hear the sounds.               Now look next to you,                              who is there? Is being in our favorite place really about where we are,            … Continue Reading

I know I’m guilty of complaining just as much if not more than the rest of us on rainy days: “it’s so crummy outside, I wish the rain would just go away, I can’t stand the horrible weather!” The next time you hear yourself complaining about the weather, I invite you to participate in an … Continue Reading

Ahoy matey! While staying at Walt Disney World resort, it is a nice change of pace to spend some time away from the parks and in a rental boat! You can rent boats and set sail in Crescent Lake, which is the lake in between Disney’s Beach & Yacht Club and Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. The … Continue Reading

  When we’re not feeling so hot or we just simply had a bad day, there’s one thing that sure will give us a little boost to fix that gloomy feeling! We’ve had this tea many times at restaurant’s and coffee shops up and down the East Coast throughout our travels, and had many different … Continue Reading

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of cupcakes! Baking cupcakes is such a fun activity, especially when you are baking for others. There are so many new ideas now of all different cupcakes try, especially with the access to the internet! Life Love and Sugar is such a great resource for recipes. Lindsay who started … Continue Reading

It’s really hard to find kitchen cleaning supplies that don’t make your eyes burn, bleach your clothes or smell lethal. Over the course of this past year, we’ve started to settle into our foundation and find the products that truly have become staples in our homes. As we were cleaning the kitchen the other night, … Continue Reading