If you know me, you know I am a big supporter of cruelty-free make-up! There are so many great brands that support the cause and protect our furry friends. Here are a list of my recent favorites: Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara: This is the only mascara that I have ever had that actually lengthens your … Continue Reading

Tis’ the season to find cheap plane tickets! With the Holidays and Winter Break rolling around it’s time to find affordable airplane tickets to warmer or even colder destinations. Here are some helpful hints we use when it comes to finding affordable plane tickets (even at the last minute!) Skyscanner: Move over Google, this search … Continue Reading

So, have you been to Humdingers? Humdingers is an awesome place to hang out, grab a bite, bowl, play arcade games and hit the batting cages! It is one of the cleanest bowling facilities we have ever seen! It has a laid back, clean atmosphere and serves cafe food. We had a great time in … Continue Reading

If you don’t have Minimalist Baker’s Cookbook, we suggest you head on over to her website and totally invest! Her recipes are awesome and this is just more tasty proof! Thai Baked Sweet Potatoes was such an easy and quick recipe. When you are busy running around (literally and figuratively) like we are– then this … Continue Reading

I started running right before I started college. I always played sports when I was younger: volleyball, basketball and softball. In college I wasn’t going to be playing on any team sports, so I decided to run towards to end of high school. I started running each day, longer and longer. I started racing in … Continue Reading

Now is the perfect time to hop in the car and head out to woods to get some amazing views of the fall foliage! This doesn’t mean you have to trek all the way up I-95 for hours to get lost in nature, the closest hiking trails could be minutes from your home! Today, we … Continue Reading

1. Magnesium Baths: Natural CALM bath with magnesium and lavender is an easy, relaxing fix to aide with anxiety reduction at home. Add 1 scoop to a warm bath and you may automatically increase your energy and decrease your irritability as you soak in the magnesium and enjoy the aromatic scent of lavender! 2. Yogi … Continue Reading

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite cruelty free makeup! It is really hard to find products in-stores that are actually cruelty free. If you go on google and look up brands that don’t test on animals the pickings are slim– however, if you look up brands that test on animals the list … Continue Reading

If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, you know that there is no shortage of scenic views and beautiful landscapes which gives the vibe that you have entered a portal to the Pacific Northwest. The Wilderness Lodge features history of Native Americans and National Parks such as Yellowstone. The floors in the Wilderness Lodge … Continue Reading

Today is Monorail Monday! In honor of Monorail Monday, here’s a brief review of the history of Monorails in Walt Disney World: The monorail system opened in 1971, the same year that Walt Disney World opened. At that time it only had 2 track lines. Resort line and express line. In 1982 the monorail system … Continue Reading