Morning temps up north are starting to dip lower than the 20s so, what better time to review our favorite cold weather running essentials? When you hit the road in the morning or late at night the breaking wind can be brutal don’t leave home without your: Polartec Power Neck Gaiter— A quick dry neck … Continue Reading

When you are training, staying active, or just running long miles, nutrition is always the number one key to success. Nutrition is always the top priority for the two of us and has been the staple of our successful marathon training this year. When we traveled to Disney we made sure we had access to … Continue Reading

I started running right before I started college. I always played sports when I was younger: volleyball, basketball and softball. In college I wasn’t going to be playing on any team sports, so I decided to run towards to end of high school. I started running each day, longer and longer. I started racing in … Continue Reading

1. Magnesium Baths: Natural CALM bath with magnesium and lavender is an easy, relaxing fix to aide with anxiety reduction at home. Add 1 scoop to a warm bath and you may automatically increase your energy and decrease your irritability as you soak in the magnesium and enjoy the aromatic scent of lavender! 2. Yogi … Continue Reading

The night before your long-run is prime prepping time. Here are a few easy tips for long-run prepping. Lay out running clothing Prepare energy snacks (gels, chews, beans) Charge any devices (watch, mp3) Set out sneakers Set your alarm, with time to prepare (and hit snooze 😉 Happy running! -S&R

If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know that you can end up walking at least 10+ miles per day while visiting the parks. In our case, we are training for our marathon in January and have to keep up with that mileage in addition! Going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop training. … Continue Reading

Since I started running, I have always had one favorite product that has never failed me: Body Glide. Body Glide is an anti-chafing and blister prevention balm, that is loaded with vitamins and is paraben free. The product is way less messy than petroleum, and goes on easy. I am always worried about the thunder … Continue Reading

Whenever we are traveling, hiking, working long hours or after a run, we always have an Orgain on hand to fortify our hunger and nourish ourselves. Orgain is literally the best protein shake ever. It is good for you: organic, all natural, packed with vitamins and minerals. Here is the real kicker, it actually tastes … Continue Reading

As R and I prepare to run a marathon we both look back at how far we’ve come and prepare to run forward! In an earlier post I wrote about how far we had come before I ran my 4th marathon in May in Vermont, but R has yet to run a single marathon! Before … Continue Reading

The experiences that face us day to day are much like those experiences that a runner faces when carving her path through the marathon race. There are times when we feel unstoppable, these are times of great innovation, breakthrough, a warming of heart, a spiritually uplifting moment where it isn’t only your legs carrying you … Continue Reading